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 Chondroitin & Msm
Plus Bromelain


  • Glucosamine, an amino sugar, promotes the formation and repair of cartilage. A shortage of cartilage can cause painful joint movement.

  • Chondroitin, a carbohydrate, is a cartilage component that promotes water retention and elasticity and inhibits the enzymes that break down cartilage.

  • MSM reduces chronic pain; MSM reduces inflammations and the inflammatory process; MSM supplies sulfur to cartilage, necessary for its regeneration.

  • Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple. It has been credited with a number of health benefits, including aiding digestion, speeding wound healing, and reducing inflammation.


180 caps, Each serving
 ( 3 caps) contains:

Glucosamine Sulfate









3 or more

Joint Aid

Liquid Glucosamine
 Chondroitin & Msm
Plus Grape Seed Extract


16 oz, Each serving
 ( 1/2 oz) contains:

Glucosamine Sulfate






Grapeseed Extract



3 or more

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MSM is an organic SULFONYL.
NOT a Sulfa, Sulfite or Sulfate.
Taking MSM will help your body correct its chemistry
and build up your immune system
500mg. MSM per capsule
No Fillers - No Additives - No Binders
100% Pure MSM


125 Capsules 500mg

$5.49 Qty 1 - 5   
6 or more


250 Capsules 500mg

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2lbs MSM
Bulk Powder

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6 or more 


MSM : The Natural Solution for Pain


MSM is a nutritional supplement rapidly establishing a reputation as a safe, natural and effective solution for many types of pain and inflammatory conditions, including:

  • Degenerative wear-and-tear arthritis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Chronic back pain

  • Chronic headaches

  • Muscle pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Tendonitis and bursitis

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • TMJ

  • Post-traumatic pain and inflammation

  • Heartburn

  MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane, a natural substance present in food and in the human body. Don't bother trying to pronounce the name. We will simply refer to it as MSM.

  MSM is often so effective for pain relief that doctors are able to lower the dosage of medication they prescribe for patients. Sometimes they are even able to discontinue the medication. The end result is relief along with fewer or no side effects that are frequently caused by prescriptive pain medications.

   An exciting and natural option for pain relief has arrived--a nutritional supplement that supplies biologically active sulfur, a sorely neglected mineral nutrient. Sulfur has a long tradition of healing and throughout history physicians have prescribed mineral hot springs rich in sulfur to their infirm patients.

   Stories are speeding about remarkable recoveries with MSM---some that occur dramatically, others involving slow and steady improvement after patients have suffered with intractable pain for years---stories such as these:

  • A Colorado mail carrier who was told she would need surgery on her painful arthritic knees. She no longer has pain, no longer needs pain pills and has avoided the surgery.

  • An Oregon woman whose doctors said she would never walk and be normally functional again after her back was crushed in an automobile accident. Today she is not only walking, but she works 100 hour weeks and actively participates in physical improvements at the private school she owns and operates.

  • An Arizona doll maker who suffered from the headaches and widespread pain of Fibromyalgia for five years. Pain pills made her sick, so she took anti-depressants because she had no life left. Three weeks on MSM removed much of the pain and gave her a new lease on life.

  • A Canadian researcher with chronic tendonitis of the arm, and his wife, a hairdresser who had developed back pain from years of standing and serving customers in her beauty salon, were both relieved of their pain MSM.

   Clinical experience involving thousands of cases has demonstrated that MSM provides relief in about 70% of patients with pain. Given the massive incidence of pain problems in our society, this suggests a huge role for MSM if it were to be recommended by physicians as an addition to their regular treatment of pain. MSM certainly fits the growing demand of patients seeking alternative remedies that do not cause adverse side effects.


The Side-Effects Epidemic

  Treatment of pain typically revolves around pharmaceutical drugs and has contributed to sales that have made the pharmaceutical industry the nations most profitable as measured by return on investment. While many conditions are so painfully severe that they require powerful medication, there is a serious downside to widespread usage---the issue of safety. Adverse reactions to medical drugs are believed responsible for more than 100,000 deaths and 1.5 million hospitalizations in the U.S. each year, according to reports in the Journal of the American Medical Association and other leading medical publications. Fatal Drug reactions are, in fact, among the leading causes of death.

  Medical authorities continually caution physicians and patients regarding the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) for pain conditions. They often cause ulcers, serious side effects and even fatalities. One such drug was removed from the market shortly after it was approved because of four deaths and illness necessitating liver transplants among eight of its users.


MSM-Relief Without Side Effects

  Leading MSM experts, Stanley W. Jacob, M.D. and Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., have both repeatedly seen MSM significantly ease the suffering of patients with different types of pain and inflammatory conditions and restore their ability to function normally.

  People continually tell them:

  • "I wish I had known about MSM before."

  • "MSM has given me my life back."

  • "Thank God for something natural that relieves my pain without giving me any side effects."

  • "Nothing worked for me before this"

  • "It's like a miracle."

  They have encountered many individuals who had previously experienced multiple side effects from their medication or whose doctors told them there was nothing more that could be done for them, that they would have to learn to live with the pain.

  MSM may even deliver as much or more relief as some of the standard painkillers--it just doesn't work as fast. (That's because MSM isn't a drug; it's a nutritional supplement.) But you will often begin to experience noticeable easing of pain and discomfort, along with more energy and in general feel better, within days.


Where has MSM been until now?

  Veterinarians have used MSM for more than 15 years ever since an article in an equine journal in the early 1980's. Use by humans goes back nearly 20 years, when Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., began recommending it for patients who came to the world-famous DMSO Clinic at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. MSM was developed from the medical experience with DMSO--dim ethyl sulfoxide. DMSO is a well-known therapeutic agent derived from trees. MSM is made from DMSO.

  MSM delivers many of the remarkable healing properties of DMSO--but without the odor of DMSO--but without the annoying odor of DMSO. Thousands of people, young and old, with various chronic pain conditions, have come to the Portland clinic, often as a last resort because medical treatments weren't working, and have been helped with MSM. It was among such seriously-ill people that the benefits of MSM were first observed.

  MSM is a source of sulfur, a mineral element critical to the normal function and structure of the body. Sulfur is a raw material for the protein and connective tissue that make  up our body mass, for enzymes that conduct countless chemical reactions, and for powerful natural compounds that protect us against toxicity and harmful oxidative stress. Sulfur also has a long history of healing but it has been overlooked in our current fascination with vitamins and minerals. When asked to think of minerals important for health, most people know that calcium is good for their bones, that iron is important for their blood, that zinc is needed by the prostate. But rarely does anyone mention sulfur.


Relief versus Cure

  Although much of the scientific fine print relating to MSM's precise healing mechanisms in the body still needs to be determined, we know from clinical experience that it provides major pain relief through the following actions:

  • The inhibition of pain impulses along nerve fibers

  • Lessening of inflammation

  • Increasing of blood supply

  • Reduction of muscle spasm

  • Softening of scar tissue

  Indeed, the effects of MSM are very often quite amazing. It can relieve many painful conditions. Nevertheless, it won't "cure" an illness such as arthritis or lupus. The dictionary defines cure as an elimination of disease, MSM doesn't do that. We don't cure diabetes with insulin. We control it. If we stop the insulin, the diabetic could die. When you think about it, we really don't cure very much at all in medicine and perhaps we shouldn't use the word. What MSM does is this: It serves as a natural remedy to relieve the pain, inflammation and many symptoms of illness. Generally, it provides relief for as long as you take it, although sometimes health problems don't return even if you stop taking MSM.

  Many people experience rapid relief after using MSM.  You may indeed experience relief within a few days, but for very serious chronic conditions improvement occurs gradually.


MSM and Allergies

  Many people who take MSM to relieve pain often experience an additional and unexpected benefit: relief from allergic symptoms.  MSM offers prompt and powerful relief of pollen allergies, commonly called hay fever--a major seasonal ordeal for some 35 million Americans. MSM may perhaps be as effective as any antihistamine on the market.

  When you start taking it, you may notice a number of good things happening in your life in addition to pain and allergy relief: more energy; cosmetic benefits such as softer skin, thicker hair, stronger nails; decreased scar tissue; and relief of constipation. There are no doubt many more benefits that people will discover as they take MSM and use it regularly.

  When all the facts are in and controlled clinical studies are conducted, MSM may become known as one of the great nutritional discoveries of the twentieth century. Still, it is not a panacea. It has its limitations and works at its own speed, which can be quick in some people and slower in others.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: No claims are made as to specific benefits resulting from the use of MSM. Information conveyed is based on records and research for your information only and is not meant to imply that you will experience similar beneficial results. We are NOT licensed medical practitioners and are prohibited by law from diagnosing or prescribing anything. Our information is for educational purposes only. No statement should be taken as medical advice.

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