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The Larry Speer Story

" At age 65 my health, vitality, and life turned around because I raised my level of human growth hormone, I feel, work, and play sports like I am in my forties.  Read my story, you will be surprised."
Larry Speer
Developer of Longevity

I have been active in sports all my life. But when I hit 60, I found it impossible to continue with the same intensity I had in my younger years.  My energy and vitality were getting less and less, and my strength was diminishing, my muscle was turning into fat.  These normal declines with aging were compounded by a serious bowel operation I had in 1994.  I was trying everything....every vitamin etc., to turn this around but nothing worked.  Then on a trip to Flagstaff someone mention human growth hormone to me and I began a thorough investigation of it.  To my surprise all the physicians I spoke to who had patients on this therapy, were taking it themselves.  This is what finally convinced me to try this very expensive therapy.... $1000 a month. 

After just three weeks I began to feel the effects of the human growth hormone. A blood test showed my level at 151, anything below 300-350 is considered low.  As I continued to take human growth hormone the effects became more pronounced.  After just 6 weeks my bench press went from 150 lbs to over 250 lbs. I was shocked!  My basketball participation also increased to a higher level.  In 1998, my team won the gold medal in the Arizona Senior Olympics.  Eight months later, I continued to show improvement.  My vitality and general endurance improved.  Yet, as these dramatic changes continued, I knew I could not pay $1000.00 a mouth for the rest of my life.  This is when I discovered what a secretagogue is.  A simple tablet that stimulates the pituitary gland to produce and distribute more of it's own human growth hormone.

With the assistance of Doctor Walter Essman and my own knowledge from studying as much as I could about HgH releasing agents we developed Longevity... a dietary supplement that does two very important things. First, it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more HgH, and second, it combats Somatistatin, an inhibitor the pituitary gland produces which prevents the HgH that we do make from being properly distributed throughout the body. The key to Longevity is to take it and not eat for at least one hour afterwards. I have been taking Longevity, for about two years, with great success.

I am obtaining the same results that I did from taking the very expensive injectible HgH.. The key to Longevity is not just the ingredients in it, but how they are "stacked". In other words what percentages of each ingredient is in the formula. This is the key to our successful formula...

Many people take two Longevity at night before they retire, and then two in the morning..and do not eat for one hour. If you are very active in sports you may want to take 5-6 a not eat afterwards for one hour. If you are on any special medication I suggest you consult your physician before taking Longevity, and feel free to contact me any time.

Larry Speer

3751 Francis
MI 49548